Kiyoharu Celebrates 30 Years with New Single "SAINT" and Upcoming Album "ETERNAL"

The Veteran Musician Marks Three Decades in the Industry with a New Release and Announces an Exciting Line-Up of Tours and Events

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Kiyoharu Celebrates 30 Years with New Single "SAINT" and Upcoming Album "ETERNAL" - All Rights Reserved

In commemoration of his 30-year tenure in the music scene, Kiyoharu has unveiled his latest single "SAINT," leading up to the release of his forthcoming album "ETERNAL" scheduled for March 20, 2024. The single, available since February 9, 2024, introduces the themes and style that will be further explored in the new album.

"ETERNAL" will be presented in two editions: a first press limited edition featuring a CD and Blu-ray, and a standard edition CD. Both editions will encompass 14 tracks, including "SAINT," "Carnival of spirits," "RUTH," and "ETERNAL." This selection is indicative of Kiyoharu's broad musical range and his commitment to delivering thought-provoking content.

The limited edition offers added value with exclusive content, such as music videos for "SAINT" and "ETERNAL," a documentary on the making of these videos, and live performances captured at Ebisu Garden Hall on October 30, 2022, and Zepp Shinjuku on April 26, 2023. These additions aim to provide fans with a more comprehensive understanding of Kiyoharu's artistic process and live presence.

Kiyoharu is also planning a series of tours and events, including "TOUR 2023-2024 天使ノ詩『NEVER END』," alongside special talk and mini-live sessions in celebration of "ETERNAL"'s release. These events are designed to bring Kiyoharu closer to his audience, offering them an opportunity to experience his latest works in a live setting.

As Kiyoharu continues to navigate through his extensive career, "SAINT" and "ETERNAL" reflect both a look back at his musical journey and a step forward in his artistic expression. While the anticipation for the new album builds, these releases and the accompanying events offer fans a chance to reconnect with Kiyoharu's music and witness the ongoing evolution of his career.