OWV Unveils "BREMEN" - A Leap Towards New Musical Heights

The Latest Single Marks a Significant Evolution Post "JACK POT," Blending Catchy Tunes with Profound Lyrics

Spotlight by Reyep - February 16, 2024 19h01 UTC - Source: owv.jp

OWV Unveils "BREMEN" - A Leap Towards New Musical Heights - All Rights Reserved

OWV has introduced their eighth single, "BREMEN," on February 7, 2024, marking their first project since the launch of their second album, "JACK POT." The title track, "BREMEN," is designed with a clear intention to reach out and touch the audience, featuring a melody and lyrics that aim to resonate profoundly with listeners. This track signifies OWV's ambition to scale new heights in their musical journey and to establish a significant landmark in their career.

The single "BREMEN" comprises three songs alongside their instrumental versions, making up a total of six tracks. The songs included are "BREMEN," "YOU ARE THE ONE," and "SLEEPLESS TOWN," each followed by its instrumental rendition. OWV has released the single in three different editions to cater to their audience's preferences: the Limited First Edition, which includes a music video and a making-of for "BREMEN"; the Regular Edition, featuring a trading card; and the FC (Fan Club) Limited Edition that contains footage from the "OWV LIVE TOUR 2023 -CASINO-" concert held on April 1, 2023.

In recent discussions, the members of OWV shared insights into the creation of "BREMEN," highlighting aspects such as the track's engaging beat and the structured excitement from its beginning to end, including a dance break that introduces a dynamic element to the song. They also acknowledged the contribution of lyricist ZE®️O (YVES&ADAMS), known for his work on "Last scene" from the album "JACK POT." The lyrics of "BREMEN" are crafted to celebrate the shared enjoyment of music, aiming to appeal to both long-standing fans and those new to OWV's music.

With the release of "BREMEN," OWV aims to deepen their connection with their audience through music that not only entertains but also carries a meaningful message. This single represents a step forward in OWV's evolving musical narrative, offering a blend of catchy tunes and impactful lyrics.