J-Rock Fans Mourn the Loss of the GazettE's Bassist REITA

The renowned visual kei band the GazettE announces the passing of beloved band member REITA

News by Reyep - April 16, 2024 19h47 UTC - Source: the-gazette.com

J-Rock Fans Mourn the Loss of the GazettE's Bassist REITA - All Rights Reserved

In a solemn announcement that has sent waves of grief through the Japanese rock fans community, HERESY Inc. has released a statement confirming the passing of the GazettE's bassist, REITA, on April 15, 2024. The news has marked a somber moment for fans and supporters of the iconic visual kei band, known for their powerful performances and deeply loyal fanbase.

REITA, whose artistry and presence were integral to the GazettE's identity, was celebrated for his dedication to music and his influence as a bassist. In the wake of this loss, HERESY Inc. expressed profound gratitude towards the fans whose unwavering support and love for REITA propelled his storied career. The company also extended thanks to all the partners who have stood by the band throughout the years.

Despite the profound sorrow surrounding his death, the GazettE and HERESY Inc. vow to honor REITA's passion for music, which they believe will continue to resonate and inspire. The band's music, a legacy REITA helped build, is anticipated to endure and burnish his memory with even greater vigor in the future.

In respect of the family's wishes, a memorial service is being planned for close relatives only. HERESY Inc. and the GazettE ask for the public's respect and considerate understanding of the privacy needs of REITA's family and friends during this challenging time.

The loss of REITA will undoubtedly leave a void in the world of visual kei, but his spirit will continue to live on through the sounds and stories he left behind. As the GazettE moves forward, the commitment to their artistry remains undiminished, a testament to the enduring influence of their esteemed bassist.