Saucy Dog Releases "poi": A New Dimension to the Anime "The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master"

The band's latest single serves as the opening theme for the NHK anime, blending unique musical elements with the show's narrative.

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Saucy Dog Releases "poi": A New Dimension to the Anime "The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master" - All Rights Reserved

Saucy Dog introduced their new single, "poi," on April 5, 2024, available exclusively through digital platforms. This release stands out as it has been chosen as the opening theme for the NHK anime "The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master," marking a significant collaboration between the band and the anime's creators. The accompanying music video for "poi," released simultaneously with the single, showcases a shift towards a more aggressive visual and tonal approach compared to previous works from the band.

The genesis of "poi" was fueled by Shinya Ishihara, Saucy Dog's vocalist and guitarist, who found inspiration in the original novel that the anime is based on. This deep connection between the song and the anime's storyline highlights the thoughtful integration of music with the series. The anime, which premiered on NHK on April 6, 2024, unfolds within a fantasy setting governed by the Yatagarasu clan, focusing on the narrative of Yukiya, a young boy entwined in the life of the Imperial Prince.

Lyrically, "poi" encapsulates themes of existential fatigue, a quest for purpose, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships, using rich metaphors and expressive language. While a full lyrical translation is not provided, the song begins with an acknowledgment of weariness and a longing for simplicity, progressing into the portrayal of a journey filled with confusion yet driven by the desire for genuine connections and experiences.

With "poi," Saucy Dog not only enriches the auditory landscape of "The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master" but also demonstrates how music can amplify the storytelling experience of an anime. This contribution to the series' soundscape facilitates a deeper engagement with the narrative, inviting audiences to explore the thematic depths of the story through the lens of Saucy Dog's musical interpretation.