SILENT SIREN Releases Mini Album "YOUTHFUL" After Hiatus

The band returns with a new project under their label, blending innovation with their signature style.

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SILENT SIREN Releases Mini Album "YOUTHFUL" After Hiatus - All Rights Reserved

SILENT SIREN has marked their return to the music scene with the release of their mini album "YOUTHFUL" on March 31, 2024, following a hiatus that concluded at the end of 2021. This project represents the band's first musical endeavor since their pause and the beginning of a new chapter under their own label, YOUTHFUL TUNE. The album features five tracks, including "オンリーワン" (Only One), "Sus4," "衝動" (Shoudou), "最愛の君へ" (To My Dearest), and "揺揺" (Yoyo), each showcasing a variety of musical styles while maintaining the band's distinctive sound.

The band has described this mini album as a product of collaborative efforts, highlighting its significance in their post-hiatus phase. Incorporating new elements and challenges, such as shared vocal duties across tracks, signifies a departure from their previous work. This collaborative approach aims to engage fans more deeply with the music and the band's ongoing journey.

Since their formation in 2010, SILENT SIREN has been recognized for their pop-rock sound, achieving notable success with multiple albums and singles. The hiatus at the end of 2021 was a momentary pause in their career, with the band resuming activities in late 2023. Their discography is extensive, including seven studio albums, three compilation albums, and more, demonstrating their prolific nature and dedication to their craft.

The establishment of their label, YOUTHFUL TUNE, and the release of "YOUTHFUL" are significant milestones for SILENT SIREN. This move towards independence in music production and expression highlights the band's evolution. The album itself, with its blend of new and traditional elements, serves as a reflection of this growth.

In conjunction with the album's release, SILENT SIREN organized promotional events to foster closer engagement with fans. These included talk events and special sessions, providing insight into the band's direction and allowing fans to connect more directly with their music. The release of "Sus4" as the label's debut song underscores the band's commitment to their musical identity while exploring new avenues of expression.

SILENT SIREN's journey, marked by a brief hiatus, has transitioned into a period of renewal and exploration. "YOUTHFUL" embodies the band's efforts to blend their established sound with new innovations, inviting listeners to partake in this next phase of their musical expedition.